Can you tell me where I can get the abortion pill?

Compass Women's Clinic does not provide or refer for abortions. We believe it is every woman's right to be well-informed about all of her pregnancy options. If you are considering an abortion, we recommend you learn the different procedures and possible health risks to make the best decision for you. We will be happy to talk with you. In Georgia, DPH provides valuable information through "A Woman's Right to Know," a full informed consent. CWC works closely with local OB/GYNs to provide obstetric and gynecological care continuity based on your pregnancy decision. We want to ensure that you are aware of all the state laws and protections in place for you.

Do you prescribe the abortion pill?

Compass Women's Clinic does not offer or refer for abortion services. We can, however, provide you with accurate information regarding abortion procedures, side effects, and potential risks.

Do you offer prenatal care?

Yes, Compass Women's Clinic provides early-on diagnosing and treatment for STIs and other common early pregnancy diagnoses as appropriate.

Do you offer pregnancy verification?

Yes, CWC HCPs provide verification. We offer free pregnancy testing. If your test result is positive, we can schedule you for a free limited ultrasound in order to confirm your stage of pregnancy. We accept walk-ins but prefer that you schedule in advance to guarantee a reserved time for you. Please fill out our Contact Form here.

How much do your services cost?

Compass Women's Clinic offers all of our medical services at no cost. No proof of insurance is required.

Do you do blood pregnancy testing?

We provide free lab-certified urine pregnancy testing. We do provide blood hCG levels based on certain criteria. You will receive your pregnancy test results during your appointment.

Can I come in for a pregnancy test/ ultrasound today?

It is best to make an appointment to receive priority in your preferred time slot. Make an appointment by calling 706-707-6464 or filling out our Contact Form. We will be in touch during business hours to confirm your appointment. Having an ultrasound performed on the same day as your pregnancy test will be dependent on your unique situation and medical necessity.

I want to make an appointment.

We would love to meet you. We want every patient to receive quality time to discuss their specific needs, so we ask you to schedule an appointment. Please fill out the Contact Form, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I just want an ultrasound. My doctor can’t see me until next month.

CWC does not provide medical services once you are under the care of an obstetrician for this pregnancy.

Do you do 3D ultrasounds?

No, we do not provide 3D ultrasounds at Compass Women's Clinic. We perform free, limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy is viable (growing), the gestational age (the number of weeks you've been pregnant), and the location of your pregnancy in your uterus.