We provide a caring place to process whatever you’re feeling about your pregnancy, answer questions, and help with planning for your future.

Pregnant And Still In School?

Trying to navigate high school or college while facing an unexpected pregnancy feels impossible. One day, you’re focused on homework, hanging out with friends, and graduation; the next day, you have pregnancy symptoms and need to make a life-changing decision.

You may be feeling anxious, frustrated, and confused. It isn’t easy, but we are here to help.

Support For Pregnant Students

An unexpected pregnancy is full of unknowns, and you need a safe place to work through it all. All of our medical pregnancy services are no cost and confidential. Here’s what we provide:

Know Your Rights

Getting an education is crucial for not only you but also for your child’s future. It takes strength and a lot of determination to continue but being pregnant and a student is possible. 

The U.S. Department of Education enforces Title IX, which protects people from discrimination based on sex, including pregnancy and parental status, in education programs or activities. Your school must allow you to continue participating in classes and extracurricular activities even though you are pregnant.

Your school must excuse absences due to pregnancy or childbirth for as long as your doctor says it is necessary and provide pregnant students with the same special services it offers to students with temporary medical conditions.

Please talk with us about your rights as a pregnant or parenting student. We want you to be successful.