Parenting is an option, and we’re here to help you address your parenting concerns and find the resources you need. Compass Women’s Clinic will provide you with initial pregnancy-related services. We then refer you to a local obstetrician.

Considering Parenting?

Many people who want to parent have questions or concerns about single parenting, co-parenting, marriage, continuing their education, financial stability, and other topics. We refer for free parenting education and resources at Athens Pregnancy Center for anyone who wants to participate.

Are You Asking Yourself These Questions?

What will my family and friends think about my unexpected pregnancy?

It is normal to ask this question. We can help you have those critical conversations. No matter what anyone else thinks, this is your decision.

You may be surprised to find out how supportive your family and friends are throughout your pregnancy and after the baby arrives. If they aren’t, we’re here to support you. Our team is your safe place to work through all of your concerns.

How do I start prenatal care and find a doctor?

First, Compass Women’s Clinic provides free lab-certified pregnancy testing confirmed by a limited ultrasound. Then, we refer you to a local obstetrician and gynecologist who will care for you medically throughout your pregnancy.

We have a list of reputable doctor referrals in the Athens area that we can share with you and give you information on the first steps of prenatal care.

Are there financial resources available once I have my baby?

We would be happy to discuss your financial situation and the physical resources available to help you once you give birth.

Is it possible to still finish my education or pursue a career?

Many resources are available to help you continue your education or pursue a career while also being a parent!

It may look different from what you initially thought, but we are here to help. You can be a fantastic parent while continuing to follow your dreams. We can also provide you with local and campus resources to help you!

How Can Compass Women’s Clinic Help?

We will equip you with as much as you desire through social work, support services, community referrals, and resources.