Adoption is the placement of a child permanently with people who become the legal adoptive parents. The child receives full rights to inheritance and a lifetime family relationship.

Our social worker is available to meet with you and discuss your adoption options.

Considering Adoption?

Making an adoption plan for your child can be overwhelming. You ask yourself questions like “How can I carry a baby for nine months and walk away?” or “If I choose adoption, will my child hate me?”

Like all of your options, adoption is not an easy decision. As you consider adoption, ask yourself these questions, too:

  • Am I in a place emotionally and financially to raise a child?
  • Do I have my family or partner’s support to help me?
  • Am I willing to have a different parenting relationship with my child?
  • How do I feel about abortion?

Only you can honestly answer these questions. For some women, knowing their child will be safe and loved by a two-parent couple is all they need. For others, the struggle is real and difficult to imagine.

We want to help you work through those emotions to determine if this is your best option.

Three Adoption Plans To Choose From

Open Adoption

Choose the type of adoption plan based on the amount of contact you want after placing your child with their adoptive family.

Today, most women choose an open adoption plan. With open adoption, you choose the family to raise your child. This plan allows you to be a part of your child’s life regularly. You and the adoptive couple exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, or phone numbers.

Together, you agree on the type of communication you want and build a relationship with your child and family. Open adoption gives your child the chance to ask questions and feel connected to their biological family. It allows you to show them how much you love them.

Closed Adoption

Although not chosen as often anymore, a closed adoption plan means you have no communication with your child or adoptive family. The adoption agency or specialist you choose selects the family, and both of you remain entirely anonymous.

You might choose this option if you are in a dangerous relationship or do not want anyone to know where you placed your child.

Semi-Open Adoption

With this plan, the only identifying information you exchange is first names. You only have contact with the adoptive family through a third party, such as the adoption agency.

A semi-open plan lets you stay in contact with your child and provides privacy.

Making Your Adoption Decision

No one can make this decision for you. We can help you explore this option further by putting you in touch with reputable, trusted adoption organizations.

They offer the counseling and support you need to make this decision. We’ll be here to help along the way, too.